Want to learn to Waterski...

We offer individual lessons, and beginner courses to get you started.

Beginner's course £60

Single lesson £25

What’s included in the course?

Your first time skiing is especially important and our experienced drivers and instructors will safely take you through the learning process.   

Once you have changed into your wetsuit, we will teach you on the dock the fundamentals of safety, body position and technique.  When you and your instructor are confident that you understand the basics on land we will move on to the water.

We use a fixed training bar on the side of the boat to offer stability and speed of learning for the first time skier, this allows your instructor to be in the boat beside you and offer continuous instruction and advice.  Once the instructor is confident that you have mastered the skiing position correctly the next stage is to transfer this technique on to the long line behind the boat.

You will have three fifteen minute lessons and will naturally progress during each session.  

Individual lessons are £25 each

The course is 3 x 15 minute sessions and cost just £60! book now and it makes a fantastic birthday or Xmas present!

Please note: We ask that all children under the age 14 are accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Call 07711609689 or  07525005399 to book or just call at the lake

Contact     07711609689  or  07525005399

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